Finithing Parquet

1-      Finishing of the floors:



This finish is easy to apply and to maintain.

First, the oil is applied manually to skirting-boards and sides. Then, the boards are oiled two or three at a time and lengthwise – never crosswise. Once the sides are done, it is best to continue using a polishing machine. The oil will be applied better in order to obtain an even surface. It is recommended to use a ‘white pad’.

Three consecutive layers offer the best protection against dirt and humidity. Between those layers you should wait at least 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions.




Varnish finish has a high scratch resistance. Each layer (3x for intensive use) hardens the top layer and increases resistance. It must, however, be taken into account that local repair is impossible in case of deep scratches. Just as with oil, varnish must be applied with the grain of the wood.