Maintenance Parquet

Maintenance Procedures:

 Very important, every maintenance has to be done  in the direction of the planks.


Heavy traffic areas should be cleaned regularly.

 Vacuum first (Vacuum brush and wheels should be suitable for parquet flooring to   avoid damage) 

 Two buckets of water are required. ( Only cold water to use )

 One with clear water.

One with water and one cap of white( or nature) soap.        

  Before applying the soap and water solution, wring the cloth out as much as possible.        

 Mop the floor until the surface of the cleaning cloth is dirty.        

Rinse the cloth well in the bucket of clear water and repeat the process. 

This procedure will result in a “protective film” being built up over the flooring, preventing future stains from dirt and wear. 

This process should be preformed during the first week after installation, for three treatments during the first week, with one day of no treatment between each application. 

For the best results, flooring should be treated weekly to bi-weekly depending upon usage of the floor. 

Our flooring is treated with 3 layers of oil, providing excellent protection. To maximize the life of your flooring, following the post-installation care instructions listed above. The longetivity of the flooring is achieved by the post-instillation treatments that must be applied by the end-user on site and is the responsibility of the customer.